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Premium Puppy Benefits!
Sit and Stay

At The Puppy Store Vineyard, we want to help you raise your puppy to have a happy and healthy life at their new forever home! That’s why we offer premium puppy benefits with all of our puppies. We offer a lifetime microchip membership and puppy training with our Sit and Stay Program, an all-inclusive lifetime membership!

Our Sit and Stay Program is offered through our partners at, Petkey’s Dogstar Training, Help Me Find My Pet Alert, and Help Me Find My Pet ID Registry.

Our Sit and Stay Program will help you be successful in raising your new family companion! Our program includes everything you need from registering your puppy’s microchip, online and phone support, online and over the phone puppy training, and so much more!

Also included with this program: Lost Animal Recovery & Alerts, Lifetime Microchip Registration, Lost and Found Classifieds, Dog Training, and Behavior, ID Tags, ID Cards, Microchip Activation, Snap Lead Training Leash, Training Treats, Send an Alert, Receive Alerts

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