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Puppy Health Guarantee

Our Puppy Health Guarantee

We offer a variety of guarantees for your new best friend.

When you adopt a puppy our relationship does not end with the delivery of your healthy puppy.

At The Puppy Store Vineyard, we do our best to ensure that our puppies are healthy. But puppies are living creatures, so there is always the chance that they may become ill. We do our best to ensure that our puppies are healthy by taking preventive measures, such as having regular veterinarian check-ups and vaccinations. The health of our puppies is important to us even after they are taken to their forever home, that’s why if something does go wrong we guarantee to try to make it right.

While cannot guarantee that nothing will happen to your puppy, however, we can do our best to guarantee that the puppies you get from us are happy and healthy. We make sure the local breeders and shelters our puppies come from are licensed and are compliant with state and federal laws.

We have a licensed veterinarian check the health of our puppies on a regular basis, de-worm them, and ensure that they are up to date on all their vaccinations.

At The Puppy Store, we want to make sure that your new puppy is healthy even after they go home, that’s why we ask that you have your puppy taken to the vet within 3 days after they arrive in their forever home.

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